Algorithm Scrypt
Type PoW/PoS
Coin name cannation
Coin abbreviation CNNC
Address letter C
RPC port 12368
P2P port 12367
Block reward 55 coins
Premine amount 53900000
Coins burnt 51700000
Last PoW block block 5000
Coinbase maturity 10 blocks
Target spacing 64 seconds
Target timespan 1 block
Transaction confirmations 5 blocks
POS SB - Random reward between 10%100%,
frequency random once per every 10k blocks
Wallet redesign
1 seed node and 1 static seeded in code

51707071.17982000 CNNC burned on 28th April 2017
To address: CdeoHXCnPXK8KutQrxu2EGRNCH6Kd5VwLJ
TXID: 16fbef3a73d54f560a4759710747e8ed5e962acc718ef552aaa89abce1baa1ec




Our ICO was only 53926709 CNNC coins emitted instantly at the launch of the system
53926709 CNNC - 100% pre mined coins will be available for sale at the ICO launch, you can buy them with BTC;
The price for 1 CNNC was 0.00000025 ฿
The Total CNNC supply stands at 53926709 and will be distributed in the following proportions :
- 99% of the coins will be distributed to early supporters in ICO procedure to participating users based on their contribution in the total amount of the raised funds for Cannation Development .
- 1% of the coins will be distributed to early supporters in media campaigns , bounties and faucet
unsold will be coins burned by exchange
The Total btc raised will be used as following like part of our initial road map:


Buy wall 40% btc rised for a four days period DONE
Cover development generated expenses 10% DONE
Website-ICO list-explorer-exchanges DONE
List the coin in reputed crypto exchanges DONE
Wallet multi operative systems DONE
Integration in crypto indexes and crypto forums net DONE
Future development ON IT